Information that is gathered from visitors

In common with other websites, log files are stored on the web server saving details such as the visitor's IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit.

Where registration is completed, the visitor's email and all other information submitted via a form will be stored on the server.

How the information is used

The information is used to enhance the visitor's experience when using the website to display personalized content and possibly advertising.

E-mail addresses will not be sold, rented or leased to 3rd parties.

E-mail may be sent to inform you of news of our services or offers by us or our members.

Visitor Options

If you have subscribed to one of our services, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions which are included in the emails that you receive.


We store cookies in the browsers of our visitors. These cookies allow us to identify our visitors. To learn more please read our cookie policy.

Categories of Information Stored

We have 2 categories of where we may store information about you. We store information as a "Contact" and as a "Member". These are 2 separate records stored in 2 separate tables in the database. Members have a username and are able to login to the members area. A member is created when a visitor joins our site (selecting a username and password). Contacts are used for tracking everything done outside of the members area. A contact is created when a visitor opts into any of our optin forms.

Viewing/Editing/Copying Personal Information

You are able to view, edit and copy your personal information. How this is done depends on which of the 2 categories of information you are trying to access (see above).

Accessiong Your Contact Information

Login as a contact and then go to the edit contact page.

Accessing Your Member Information

Login to the members area and then go to Your Profile.

Removal of Personal Information

You can request that we delete all of the personal information we have stored about you from our database. To do that use our contact us page. Be sure to include the email you previously used with us so we can identify your records.